What We Do

Individual Support

We offer one-on-one support, personalised for your interests and how you would like your day to unfold. You can undertake a broad range of activities, access your local community, try new things and develop independence with supportive guidance. You can request a staff member who is male or female, of a similar age to you, or that you feel comfortable with.

Group Support

Service-users can share experiences and learn new skills together in small group programs. You choose the activities you attend, and your timetable is tailored to your personal goals and needs. Wherever possible, we access facilities within the community to conduct our programs and encourage partnerships with other organisations.

Group Support


At Distinctive Options we believe that maximising communication is of vital importance to a person’s quality of life. We promote and encourage communication in all programs and can tailor communication aids for participants who may be non-verbal or experience difficulties with verbally communicating.

Health Maintenance

We offer a range of options for trying different sports and activities with emphasis on “having a go”. These activities change from time to time due to need, with the changing seasons and the challenges the weather sometimes brings. The emphasis is always on improving health and wellness.

Social Skills

As with communication skills, social skills are vitally important as they allow us to get to know one another and make friends. Good social skills also allow us to maximise our opportunities, including joining in with groups or activities in our community. These activities also support the development of safe contact with others.

Activities of Daily Living

At DO we encourage independence in all areas of a person’s life. You may learn how to travel independently, how to cook a meal or simply learn to make your bed, or wash and fold clothes. Other activities may include money handling, community access, café access, personal grooming and sensory food preparation.

Self Development

We offer a range of activities that encourage self development. You can practice your communication and social skills, learn to grow as an individual and express your own thoughts and feelings. Or you may just enjoy the opportunity to get out and about, participate in a range of community activities or simply enjoy a meal at the pub.

Recreation & Leisure

Our recreation and leisure programs can give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy some leisure time, while still learning new skills and socialising. You may find it enjoyable to make a film, be the star of a film or even direct a film. You may prefer dance to drama but whatever the choice we can support the activity.

Further Education

At DO we recognise that we keep learning new things all our lives. Within our activities we promote practicing new skills and furthering education as much as possible. We offer a range of activities as we recognise that different people learn in different ways. Options include working in a computer lab and running a food service.

Advocacy / Ownership

Self Advocacy means being able to ‘have a say’ and speak up for what is important to you. At DO we have regular meetings where participants set the agenda and run the meetings to discuss various issues within DO as well as our wider community. Our advocates also attend and speak at conferences.

Support Network

We encourage people to develop support networks throughout our community. This could be as simple as getting to know the people in your local café, becoming involved in a group you are interested in or finding a way to give back to your community. Whatever your interest it is our aim to help you to achieve.