Hi from the Media, Messages and Marketing Group – Sarah, Catherine and Cathy.
We have had a blast working on this project. Many thanks to Murray, Rick and Carolyn for making it possible for us to be a part of it- and being so patient while we learnt as we went along- and still are of course! Thank you to everyone who participated in the whole process, including to choose our new logo and slogan, acting in the videos, filming, directing, and overall being open-minded about the whole process. We also thank all service users and staff for putting up with disruptions to programs while we were filming. Thank you to Ben and Sam for putting the new website and logo together, it has been fun to work with you and see it come together. Simon and Denis have been fantastic, such professionals in filming and editing. Thank you for being so generous with your time and passing on some of your skills to us. This website is for everyone who uses DO, and we look forward to it growing and changing as you add your own news, photos and videos.
Sarah, Catherine and Cathy