Frequently Asked Questions

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Are these services for me?

Distinctive Options offers a range of services for anyone who has a disability and needs support. We provide individual and group supports at our Sunbury Centre, as well as at your home and in the community.

If you are exploring new or alternative service providers, leaving school/TAFE, or just moved into the area, Distinctive Options may be for you. Please contact us to find out more, or arrange a visit to our facility.

Is there a cost for attending Group Supports?

Yes, individuals who attend our Group Supports do pay fees to attend.

There is a general fee everyone pays to cover a range of costs including staff wages, resources, administration costs and transportation fees. For most individuals these are covered by funding packages paid either to you or directly to our organisation.

Apart from these fees many of our Group Supports also include a small fee of $8.50 per day which helps to provide additional activities that are not funded by government.

If you would like to attend our Group Supports but are not receiving any funds from government please contact our office as we may be able to assist with a fee discount.

Please email contact us if you would like to ask for more information about the fees to join in our Group Supports.

Are staff members qualified?

Yes, our staff have a range of qualifications and experience in:

  • Education and Teaching
  • Special Education Nursing and Health Management
  • Art and Drama
  • Disability Studies
  • TAFE and Further Education
  • Community Education Sector
  • Residential and Accommodation
  • Massage and Physical Therapy
  • Counselling and Psychology
  • Employment Services

How large are activity group sizes?

This depends on the activities you would like to do, however groups generally consist of 3 to 10 people. Groups are formed from a person-centred plan for personal outcomes, desires and friendships.

Larger groups are formed for the Rights and Responsibilities network. This group needs larger numbers to discuss pressing issues and concerns in the community.

What is a person-centred plan?

The services offered at Distinctive Options are part of a journey with you. Our Group Supports are designed and conducted with input from service users – they are all about you. We involve people close to you, including family and friends, to tailor your support.

Together we develop short and longer term goals that you would like to achieve, and provide the opportunities to for you to succeed. This forms the basis of your Person-Centred Plan. Your plan reflects what is important to you, what support you need and where you would like to be in the future.

Your plan is updated regularly, either yearly or bi-annually, and is a live document about you and your progress.

Can I have visitors?

Family and friends are welcome to visit our Sunbury Centre, please contact us to check availability and arrange a visit. Guests can even partake in activities depending on particular Group Supports.

Can I give feedback about the service?

Yes. Your feedback is appreciated and will be taken seriously as we design our Group Supports and services around the wants and needs of users. You can fill out a client feedback form to share your opinions with staff.

If you have any other issues or are unsatisfied with your service, please talk to your Group Supports adviser and they will pass your complaint on through relevant channels. Support can also be offered directly from the Disability Services Commissioner.

Will my privacy and confidentiality be respected?

Yes. At Distinctive Options your privacy and confidentiality is very important to us. We protect your information and ensure personal details and documents are stored in a secure and safe location. Private meetings are between staff and you only, and you have the right to look over your own personal file at any time.

How many days can I attend Group Supports?

It’s up to you. Our services are flexible and available every weekday, we can make a timetable to suit you. You can choose whether you would like to participate as much or as little as you would like, from a half-day to 5 days a week. You can choose to partake in individual or group support, a mixture of both, and even arrange your support around services from other providers.

Will I have acesss to computers?

Yes, we use computers and other technology in many Group Supports including literacy, numeracy, bank and travel training. We also encourage service users to have their own tablets / smart phones for activities and daily living.

Can I buy my own lunch?

Yes. We encourage service users to strive for independence and support you to access the community and purchase your own meals. In addition to assistance from a staff member, you can also use a pre-made order form to help express food choices at your chosen shop.

Do you provide transport?

Yes, we provide transport to and from Distinctive Options as required. We can pick-up and drop-off service users in the local area in our dedicated transport van (included in the program fee). We can also organise transport via Taxi if requested by a service user, or assist in coordinating travel with a family member or carer.

Distinctive Options also offers training programs to educate users in independent forms of travel, including walking and public transport.

Can’t find the answers you need?

For any other queries or information, please contact us to speak with one of our friendly staff or send us an email message.

Do you have holiday programs?

Yes, we organise holiday programs around those who have expressed interest. You have the option of going-away on a short break, or choosing to spend your break in-house at our Sunbury Centre. Our trips involve travelling to places such as Sydney, Adelaide, Geelong and Horsham. Support can also be tailored for individual holidays with service users.