Flexible Supports

We provide small group activities for individuals to share experiences and learn new skills. Individuals are able to choose from a wide range of activities to meet their interests, goals and needs. Activities are varied, with opportunities for communication development, health, social skills, self-development, further education, advocacy and community networking. Flexible services may provide supports outside traditional hours based on individual needs and goals. Individuals are able to access accredited courses, including Certificate I Transition Education and Certificate I Work Education.




The categories we offer are:

  • Group social and recreational activities in a centre based program
  • Community, social and recreational activities in a group at a 1:3 ratio – Extended hours
  • Community, social and recreational activities in a group 1:2 ratio – Extended hours


Transport to and from the program is available for a small daily fee


Carolyn Richardson
Lifestyles Manager
9740 7244

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