Flexible Supports

We provide small group activities for individuals to share experiences and learn new skills. Individuals are able to choose from a wide range of activities to meet their interests, goals and needs. There is a focus on accessing the community and networking with other services and groups, as well as developing daily living skills. Activities are varied, with opportunities for communication development, health, social skills, self-development, further education, advocacy and community networking. Flexible services are also available to provide support outside of traditional service hours based on individual needs and goals.


Bendigo, Golden Square, Kyneton, St Albans and Sunbury


The categories we offer are:

  • Group social and recreational activities in a centre based program
  • Community, social and recreational activities in a group at a 1:3 ratio – Extended hours
  • Community, social and recreational activities in a group 1:2 ratio – Extended hours


Transport to and from the Sunbury program is available for a small daily fee


Rick Dunn
Executive Manager – Support Services
9740 7100

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