Our Story

Distinctive Options was established in Sunbury in 1985, providing support, education, employment training and supported employment. Today, we are a charitable not for profit organisation that provides support for children and adults with a disability. Participants can select from a variety of support options and activities across Victoria, with choices to suit each individual’s needs and goals.

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision

Assisting people to fulfil their potential and gain equality in the community.

Our Mission

Offering real life choices for people with disabilities, their families and supporters.

Values Statement

We are distinctive and innovative by offering choice and control, by providing unique experiences, by helping people live the life they want, and by being the best in all we do.

Meet our Senior Management Team

Our Senior Management Team is committed to providing an innovative, high quality service to everyone who comes to Distinctive Options. The team are available to assist participants, families or others at any time so please do not hesitate to contact them at our Head Office if you wish to discuss any matter.

Ernie Metcalf

Chief Executive Officer

Alma Tuazon

Chief Financial Officer

Rick Dunn

Executive Manager – Support Services

Meet our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are responsible for ensuring we achieve our goals whilst managing risks to the organisation. They provide strategic leadership, monitor business activities/financial position and ensure that our actions are achievable, implemented and monitored. 

Chairperson: Simon McKenzie

Deputy Chairperson: Kalma Rathouski

Directors: Anthony Aboud,  Derek Jones, Graham Holt, Nancy Peat

Graham, Derek, Kalma, Anthony, Nancy and Simon

Cultural Diversity

Distinctive Options is committed to providing support that is based on best practice, is developmentally appropriate and is culturally sensitive and responsive to the needs of the diverse community of individuals the organisation supports.

Distinctive Options is committed to actively recognising and supporting cultural expectations and their influence on service delivery including:

  • Recognition of cultural imperatives at all stages of service provision from planning through to service delivery;
  • Provision of leadership to staff on best practice within a cultural context;
  • Involving all individuals and staff in cultural awareness; and
  • Actively engaging all participants and staff in culturally appropriate celebrations.


Click through to our Publications page to download our most recent Annual Reports. Printed copies are also available at Head Office. 

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